At Aardvark Eyewear our goal is to provide a positive experience for both the child and the parent. Our experienced and trained opticians will guide you through the entire process. We carry over 50 frame lines and stock more than 800 frames. Our vast selection of quality frames allows us to custom fit each infant, child or teen. Cable adaptors, also known as sports ears or dance ears, can be added to most frame styles and are available in 14 colors.

The best eyeglasses are of no value if they are not worn. Our pediatric opticians offer parents proven techniques to obtain compliance. The child is also taught to wear and care for their new eyeglasses. Routine follow-up care and adjustments are encouraged and free of charge!

Specialty items such as sport goggles, swim goggles, and scuba masks are available, with prescription or non-prescription lenses.

Petite or smaller faced adults find our selection a refreshing change from their previous eyewear experiences. We carry many frames that have a contemporary adult look in smaller sizes.

Chicago's consumers appreciate fashion. Children have definite ideas about fashion as well! Children's eyeglasses can be very stylish. We carry metals, plastics, and some rimless in a variety of price ranges and styles. Some are blending, simple and subdued. Others are cool, bold, artsy and contemporary. 

 A child's glasses above all else should be safe and fit properly. Careful attention to all aspects of the frames' construction and design are considered before adding them to our stock. All frames are hand picked by our buyer with 30 years of optical experience in both dispensing and purchasing frames.

We  understand the concept of  Normal Wear & Tear do not apply to children's glasses, and are willing to stand behind our products. We use only manufacturers that share our ideals.