glassES care

Aardvark Eyewear’s Guide to Taking Care of Eyeglasses



Always use TWO HANDS to put on and take off your glasses. If you have something in one of your hands, PUT IT DOWN. Remember, two hands.

  1. Never set your glasses down lenses first. Remember you want to treat the glasses as if they were your eyeballs. Also, if the glasses are set down with the temples open, make sure the pointy or curly parts are pointing up, this way the glasses will be more stable and won’t fall over on their lenses, which would scratch them.
  2. When your friends ask you if they can touch or try on your glasses, the answer is NO. These are prescription glasses. That means that they were made for your eyes only. They are a personal item like your tooth brush. No one else gets to use it. This includes your brothers, sisters, friends (even you BEST FRIEND), aunts, uncles, grandmas, grandpas, moms and dads. Nor are they allowed to try to fix them; bring them back to us if anything needs to be worked on . By doing this, you can avoid breaking the glasses. We are licensed to unbend your glasses and put back together parts that have come undone. Since we do it everyday, chances are we can fix your glasses pretty quickly, almost as quickly as dad or grandpa can break them trying!
  3. When they are not on your face, they belong in the case. Cases can only protect the glasses when the glasses are inside of the case.
  4. Find ONE special place in your house, maybe in your bedroom on your dresser, nightstand or book shelf or in the bathroom on top of the counter. This ONE special place is where you will always put your glasses when they are not on your face.
  5. In case you have forgotten Rule #4, or you are somewhere besides home, there are a few questions you can ask yourself when you are trying to figure out where to put your glasses if you have to take them off for any reason:
  6. - Dose anybody ever sit here? (You don’t want to put them on a chair!)

    - Does anybody ever walk here? (Your glasses definitely don’t belong on the floor!)

    - Does anybody ever sleep here? (Please don’t lay your glasses on the bed. They’ll get squished there for sure!)

     - Can any dogs or cats get a hold of my glasses here? (Animals love to chew on glasses!)