We stock many accessories designed especially for childrens' eyewear needs

Eyeglass Holders  Fun animal shaped nighttime resting spots 

Ortopad   Adhesive eye patches in 3 sizes and assorted fun patterns

Patchworks  Soft patches that fit onto glasses

Sun Clips   Polarized and available in many sizes, colors, and shapes to fit most styles. We can also custom fit any frame.

Cleaner   2oz. refillable spray cleaner

Cloths  Designer animal prints

Fog Off  Anti fogging spray

Elastic Straps  Stocked in 5 color choices

Assorted Cords  All designed for children of course

Sunglasses  Non-Prescription or prescription to fit infants, toddlers and children

Swim Goggles  Non-Prescription or prescription

Cases  Available in many styles